NEW: QuadTari 4-player adapter for Atari

Atari QuadGames

Anguna Scourge of the Goblin King for NES

Coming Soon! Halcyon: A new action-adventure for NES

Zelda-like action-adventure
for Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS

Anguna 2600: Another Anguna adventure for the Atari 2600

Super Homebrew War: 4-player NES brawl featuring characters from other NES homebrew

A challenging metroidvania adventure
for Android, Chromebooks, & Desktop Java

Robo-Ninja Climb: An action game for NES, Atari 2600, and Dreamcast

Arkade Rush: 4-player co-op mayhem

NNNNNN: Multiplayer NES port of the Gravitron from VVVVVV

Spacey McRacey: A chaotic 4-player NES party game

Search for Life in Space

CivKeys: a customized keyboard for playing Civizilation

About Bite The Chili

Bite the Chili Productions pretends to be an independent game studio, but is really just the hobby projects of Nathan Tolbert.
I just enjoying making games, and hope that people will enjoy playing them.

If you're interested in what I'm working on, you can read my development blog, or follow me on twitter, or can donate and support my projects at Patreon.

You can contact me by sending email to