Misc. Tech Stuff

A random sampling of a few of the hobby projects I've worked on:

Gameboy homebrew-related stuff:

An action-adventure game I wrote for Nintendo's Gameboy Advance and DS handheld systems.
Dots for GBA
A simple dots game I wrote while learning Gameboy Advance programming (in preparation for writing Anguna). The code is a bit messy, as it was all about learning the platform. But the souce is here in case anyone is interested.
Mirror of GBATEK
GBATEK is a massive dense technical document about the inner workings of the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS. At one point, Martin, the author, had disappeared from the scene, and his website was down, so a bunch of the community decided to mirror this doc, to make sure it wasn't lost forever

Other stuff

Garage-door monitor for Android
I've been wanting an easy way to alert myself if I accidentally leave the garage door open. An old Android phone with a broken screen was the perfect tool. I wrote an app to monitor the proximity sensor, and report the findings to my home server. I haven't cleaned up the source for human consumption yet, nor do I have a good writeup about it. Here is a blog post where I discussed development, and a Google+ Post about the semi-finished result. If anyone is interested, email me (nathantolbert at gmail) and I can hook you up with more information and source code.
A relatively simple tool I wrote for my media center to listen to a remote control signal (from WinLIRC) and translate it into keypresses.
Mastermind solver
For awhile, my wife and I were really into the board game Mastermind. While playing it, I wondered if I could write a program that could solve the game better than I could. (Turns out, yes, my program plays the game better than I do). It's a user-unfriendly command-line java program.
3d Rubix Cube
I wrote this for a class back in college (in 1998 I believe). Unfortunately, I've lost the source code since then.
Noah's Ark Game
This one was even earlier. One of the first games I wrote as a kid in BASIC on the Apple 2 was this silly Noah's Ark game where you had to dodge raindrops and get to the Ark. I no longer have that version, but I ported to DOS using QBASIC a few years later, and improved the graphics ever-so-slightly. I didn't use proper timing for each frame, so it plays WAY too quickly now to be playable. I just wish I still had the source.

Unfinished projects...

I have a tendency to start hobby projects and let them sit. Some of these include:

Web Battler framework
This was supposed to be a PHP-based framework to help me build a web-based Advance Wars clone. This was before PHP5 was ubiquitous, so I was targetting PHP 4, which was a nightmare, based on the horrible way it handled references. At some point, I got too fed up with it, and called it quits.
Anguna for iPhone
I actually had an iPhone port of Anguna about 50% finished. But two things happened: First, this was while Apple was fighting Adobe about flash on the iPhone. During development, Apple changed its developer terms of service to ban apps that used "cross-platform frameworks", one of which I was using. Second, I got bored. So this got relegated to the dumpster for now.
MedsAlarm for Pebble
This one is still in progress. I'm building a watchface and accompanying web app that lets a user manage a complex system of alarms on the pebble watch, designed for use with multiple medications that need to be tracked at different schedules. I'm close to done, but testing and debugging the HttPebble connection (it has to run paired with an iPhone, not Android) is relatively painful.
My current project -- an Android game that mixes challenging run-and-jump mechanics with a metroidvania-style adventure. You can read about it and track my progress at my development blog.