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A minimalist metroidvania-style adventure game with a tap-to-jump mechanic.

A world of exploration and challenge awaits you in Robo-Ninja, a challenging and twitchy adventure game designed around the tap-to-jump genre, with a minimalist graphic style.

Do you look back fondly on the days of old retro games, where the game was actually difficult?
Do you love exploring a non-linear world, looking for the next item to let you advance further?
Do you wish the overdone tap-to-jump genre was a little more interesting?

Give Robo-Ninja a try.
It's free.
No string attached.
No ads, no in-game purchases.
You've got nothing to lose, other than a few hours of madddenly challenging fun!
Robo-Ninja is completely free, and open-source under the NCSA license.
If you have questions about the game, feel free to contact me or submit bugs to Bitbucket.
If you'd like to donate a $1.00, you can buy the donate version of Robo-Ninja on the store, and get access to a bonus "faster" mode, for extra challenge.
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