Full Game Tutorial with libGDX

As a companion to Chris Hildenbrand's "Complete Game" Boxbot tutorial, this set of tutorials will attempt to guide a beginner through the entire process of building the "BotBox" game using the libGDX library.


libGDX is a free and open source library/framework for developing games for multiple platforms using java. Android is gererally the primary target, but libGDX makes it easy to release the game for iOS, desktop java, and even html5. This tutorial will walk through some of the basics, but your primary source of information about libGDX should be the libGDX documentation. I'm not really a libGDX expert (I am currently using it to build a game, but there are likely many aspects that I'm not using to their fullest potential, or that have changed since I wrote this), so please read the documentation and correct me!


This tutorial assumes that you are comfortable working in Java, and comfortable using whatever development tools (IDE, command-line tools, etc) that you prefer. It doesn't assume you have any experience with graphics or game programming.


The code for this tutorial is located at bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/gauauu/botbox-tutorial-libgdx/src

So head to section 01 - getting started to get started!

Additional Reading

I'm not covering everything in-depth, so additional reading about libGDX and game design is highly recommended. Here are some useful resources: