Anguna for Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS

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Anguna is a homebrew game for Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS (and hopefully soon Atari 2600!) created by Nathan Tolbert, featuring art by Chris Hildenbrand (SpriteAttack).

It is a short but exciting action-adventure game, reminiscent of the original Legend of Zelda.
Anguna includes:

DS & GBA Versions

Anguna is available for both Nintendo DS and GBA. The DS version is the same as the Gameboy Advance with the following changes: For those who will be playing Anguna on an emulator, I still recommend the GBA version, as the quality of GBA emulators is better than DS emulators. To play Anguna on your DS, download AngunaDS, and write it to a DS flashable card (such as an R4 or M3).

Getting Anguna

Anguna is available as a free download. To play it, you will either need to play it on a gameboy advance or Nintendo DS emulator, such as Visual Boy Advance, or write it to a writable gameboy or DS cartridge. Alternatively, you can download a windows installer from here which includes everything you need to play the GBA version of Anguna on windows.

I used to be able to provide physical copies of GBA cartridges, but I am currently unable to find suppliers of blank cartridges, so I am currently not able to. You might soon be able to purchase carts from Piko Interactive, a company that hopes to make cartridges available, as well as release a port for Super Nintendo!


Anguna Tips, Strategies, and getting started

Anguna is an older-style adventure game, which encourages exploration, and doesn't hold your hand and tell you where to go at every step of the way. For those who would like some help with playing Anguna:


A few people have asked about porting Anguna to other systems. Here's the status below:

If anyone is interested in porting Anguna themselves to another system, I'd be more than happy to provide help, code, graphics and level resources, etc. Just send me an email.



To submit a bug report, please email me. All content created by Nathan Tolbert and Chris Hildenbrand.
Email: nathantolbert at gmail